Dragon Fruit Bowl


So I finally got my hands on some pink dragon fruit out here in Ben Tre. It’s so much harder than you would imagine. I mean, there are loads of dragon fruits around, you can see their pink skins from a mile off at market stalls. However, finding one that isn’t white inside was a mission.

Now you may wonder why I’m so obsessed with pink dragon fruit.

It’s so I can make a pretty smoothie bowl! I was out here in the jungle, which is famous for its fruit and thought, I might as well make the most of this by experimenting with ma bowls.

Anyway, a Vietnamese teacher managed to find me some (it only took 7 market stalls), which I was really grateful for cos hardly anyone speaks English here and specifying a dragon fruit that was pink on the INSIDE in Vietnamese is just too much.

Anyway (again), here is the bowl in its beauty and the recipe too, if you ever manage to find some pink dragon fruit..

Half a pink dragon fruit (cut into chunks and frozen, if poss)

Couple slices of frozen bananas

Chunk of pineapple

1 medjool date

Teaspoon of coconut oil

Teaspoon of almond butter

Blend and enjoy!


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