I have recently found myself on quite a mindful path that led me to 5Rhythms, a ‘meditation through movement’. Here is my experience.


Fairylights hung between the grand pillars of the church. Candles flickered. I sat somewhat self-consciously on the edges, although I knew I would have to leave this shyness behind if I wanted to get the most from my experience.

I started talking to someone who’d been doing this for years. ‘Why do you do it?’ I asked. ‘Stress-relief,’ she replied.

I was incredibly curious as to why each person was here – and there were all sorts of people. People arriving in suits, others arriving in Micky Mouse ears but as they began to slip into more comfortable clothes, identities were lost and the low beats took over.

Someone mentioned that the warm up was complete and we would begin the 5Rhythms – flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness. At first, I was just enjoying dancing but as the rhythms flowed into each other, I let myself flow with the music and began to feel like I was picking up dance moves from people nearby, maybe it was their energy. The music took a tribal turn and suddenly I felt an urge to explore the room, as though I was travelling on a wave of movement.

I’m currently reading a book called ‘The Emperor’s New Mind’ by Roger Penrose that explains how the laws of physics can’t differentiate between past and future (suggesting we may live in a deterministic universe). If this is the case, we might as well flow through life as the future is predetermined anyway!

As the dance came to a close, people found stillness in various positions, like yogis at various points in their practice. The ones that stood swayed slightly like trees, devoid of ego and with only the soft rhythm of nature running through them.

We began to form a circle with joined hands. Silence and stillness, apart from the flicker of a candle’s flame in the circle’s centre, where everybody’s attention was directed. Thoughts were voiced around the circle and the one that came to my mind was peace.


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