Intuitive Flow

I always thought of The Yoga Barn as the place for yoga in Ubud, until I was recommended to Intuitive Flow by Roam (the coliving space I’m staying at here in Ubud).


Intuitive Flow is a much more intimate experience, with smaller classes that overlook breathtaking Bali views. I tried a new style of yoga called Nidra, which is described as a form of relaxation that takes one beyond the limitations of their mind… Obviously I was interested! The teacher, Sandi, had a happiness that stretched to his students and reminded us to not stress out trying to relax!

I returned today for a little late-afternoon Yin with a teacher called Kay. As we held different postures in the typical Yin style, she gave a stream-of-consciousness sort of dialogue about her interpretation of the nature of the mind, which was fascinating. I was taken to a place of deep relaxation and (probably due to the heart-opening nature of the postures) felt a deep compassion but surprisingly towards myself!

Deepika Mehta


Deepika Mehta‘s story tells of the triumph over trauma. She suffered a serious rock climbing accident in her early twenties that left her immobile for two years. During this time she became intrigued by the power of positive thinking, which eventually led her to the healing practice of yoga.

She supplements this with self-expressive dance and explains how the two work together to keep her body balanced in the inspirational interview below: