Intuitive Flow

I always thought of The Yoga Barn as the place for yoga in Ubud, until I was recommended to Intuitive Flow by Roam (the coliving space I’m staying at here in Ubud).


Intuitive Flow is a much more intimate experience, with smaller classes that overlook breathtaking Bali views. I tried a new style of yoga called Nidra, which is described as a form of relaxation that takes one beyond the limitations of their mind… Obviously I was interested! The teacher, Sandi, had a happiness that stretched to his students and reminded us to not stress out trying to relax!

I returned today for a little late-afternoon Yin with a teacher called Kay. As we held different postures in the typical Yin style, she gave a stream-of-consciousness sort of dialogue about her interpretation of the nature of the mind, which was fascinating. I was taken to a place of deep relaxation and (probably due to the heart-opening nature of the postures) felt a deep compassion but surprisingly towards myself!


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